Gum massage: A soothing touch for growing teeth.

The teething phase can be a stressful time for both children and their parents. Growing teeth can cause discomfort and gum pain, often leading to crying fits and nervousness. Fortunately, there’s a helpful companion to navigate this delicate period: the gum massager. In this article, we will explore what gum massagers are, how they work, and how they can alleviate the pain and stress associated with teething in children.

Gum massagers: a pacifier for relief.

Gum massagers are objects similar to regular pacifiers but made from non-toxic materials to ensure the child’s safety. These pacifiers come with an irregular base with water or gel-filled cushions, depending on the model. These cushions have different shapes and sizes designed to provide relief to inflamed gums during teething.

Types of gum massagers: water vs. gel

Traditional gum massagers are filled with water and can be chilled to provide a refreshing effect during use. Silicone gum massagers are the most popular type. These are more satisfying for the baby to bite on and maintain freshness for longer due to the specific properties of the non-toxic gel used. Certainly, refrigerated gum massagers are more suitable for children experiencing teething discomfort.

Forme simpatiche e funzionaliCute and functional shapes.

Gum massagers come in a wide range of cute and functional shapes. There are models shaped like hands, stars, rings, animals, and even keys or clowns. Additionally, there are models that resemble traditional pacifiers. This variety allows you to choose a gum massager for your baby that is appealing and suitable for their age and teething stage.

Gum massagers for every stage of teething.

Gum massagers vary depending on the child’s age and the teething stage they are going through. It’s important to choose the appropriate gum massager to ensure both maximum relief and the child’s safety.

First stage of teething.

It typically begins around 6 months and lasts until 10 months. During this phase, the first four lower incisors emerge. However, some infants may start teething as early as 3-4 months.

For the front teeth growing in the front of the mouth, it’s advisable to use gentle and small-sized gum massagers to avoid damaging the palate and provide safe relief.

Second stage of teething.

It typically begins around 10 months and lasts until 16 months. During this phase, the four upper incisors, the two lower canines, and the two upper canines emerge.

During this stage, teeth emerge in the central area of the gums. Therefore, gum massagers will be slightly larger and designed to relieve pain in this specific area.

Third stage of teething.

It typically begins around 16 months and lasts until 22 months. During this phase, the four lower molars and the four upper molars emerge.

For the teeth growing in the back of the mouth, it’s advisable to use gum massagers specifically designed to relieve pain in this area.

Fourth stage of teething.

It typically begins around 22 months and lasts until 30 months. During this phase, the two second molars emerge.

The right choice for your child.

Choosing the right-sized gum massager is crucial to provide maximum relief for your child’s teething safely. Gum massager packaging often indicates the recommended stage, but it’s always better to consult with your pediatrician for precise guidance on the teething stage your child is going through and which gum massager is most suitable for them.

In conclusion, the gum massager proves to be a valuable ally in dealing with the teething phase in children. Thanks to the various shapes, materials, and sizes available, it’s possible to find the perfect gum massager to provide valuable relief and a comforting touch during this delicate phase of tooth growth.

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